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Although the Teacher Training College library was created as a separate unit in 1995, the book collection has existed from the beginning of the activity of the College, that is since 1990. The library has the area of 250 m2  and there are 20 reading seats and 5 computers in its lending part. The library is fully computerized thanks to a system SOWA implemented in 1997.

The library has a wide collection of twenty thousand titles from the field of pedagogy, methodology, science and belles-lettres, not to mention the collections of audiotapes, videotapes, CDs, maps, slides, illustrations and about 200 magazine titles.

A number of books are gifts from the Peace Corps, the American Embassy, the British Council, Goethe Institute, Inter Nationes, Bosh publishing house and from the cities which are befriended with Kalisz, such as Hamm.

In addition to its fundamental activity, that is, gathering, preparing and lending, the library engages in the popularization of the pedagogical knowledge through the organization or taking part in the organization of exhibitions.


Every year students of all groups undergo library training during library lessons.

Library on-line

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